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Thinking of buying a timeshare on E-bay?

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Perils of buying on E-bay: Upfront Fees to sellers: About E-bay timeshare ads

Article below is about online classified ads.

The Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home. That expression reminds us of so many timeshare classified advertising websites.

Non-licensed timeshare advertising companies who know NOTHING about timeshare have put up thousands of websites, not to help you sell your timeshare but to gain revenue by selling ads. Examining The Value Of Online Timeshare Classified Ads

A real estate broker only makes money if he sells your timeshare. He is on commission and must perform or he makes nothing.

Ever notice the difference in level of service when you are at a store where the salesman is on commission? The ones not on commission don't care, whereas the salesman on commission works really hard to make that sale. A similar principle applies on the Internet. We have numerous sellers tell us their timeshare sat on the market for years with such advertising companies until the seller found us and we quickly sold it.

Many of the classified ad websites look and sound very appealing, but if you go to the Better Business Bureau online and enter their company name you will find many of them, even the prominently found ones on leading search websites, have been kicked-out due to unresolved complaints.

Only a licensed broker can act as an agent to sell your deeded timeshare.

Non-licensed advertising companies can only refer the buyer to you. What will you do if a miracle happens and you obtain a buyer from such an ad?

You'll need a broker to negotiate the many details of the sale, address the many problems a closing agency won't handle, and someone to see that you are protected throughout the sale. A licensed timeshare broker knows the ropes, and must follow stringent laws already established for your protection.

Why not just use a licensed, experienced, professional timeshare broker to begin with?!

Understand that placing an ad on the net with a company with no physical location, no agents, no license, is not the same as dealing with a licensed experienced professional timeshare broker who has many methods of obtaining buyers and experience in managing all the problems clear through to the close of the sale.

Yes the problems arise AFTER you have a buyer, and during the closing process! Internet classified ad websites don't deal with these problems, so why not deal with a licensed timeshare professional to begin with?

Upfront Listing Fee companies abound on the Internet also:

An article courtesy of TimeSharing Today magazine discusses wasting money for appraisals. Click here to read article. (PDF format)

Timesharing Today Magazine and the A.R.D.A. Resale Task force have published that they are questioning the policy of some resale companies, wherein a timeshare appraisal or non-refundable upfront listing fee must be submitted as a pre-requisite for listing a timeshare for sale. The Task Force officially bars members from requiring an appraisal. (Upfront fee)

The above sources point out that such appraisals are nothing more than a disguised upfront fee.

Mandatory upfront fees are prohibited by law in the State of Florida.

The only sure way to protect yourself from wasting your time and money on upfront fees, appraisals, or non-licensed classified ad websites, is to list for sale only with a licensed broker, only if the commission is due at the close of sale and only if there are no other up-front fees no matter what they are called!

An appraisal is nothing more than an estimate of value based upon offer and acceptance.
A successful timeshare real estate broker should have a record of sales and should be able to tell you what your timeshare is worth as a routine part of his/her job.

As the first licensed timeshare broker on the Internet, we have always given such estimates at no charge. Contact us

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