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The Timeshare Information Handbook for beginners to experts

Secrets and tips from America's oldest Internet timeshare broker

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Who is buying?
How much? Why?
Who Owns Vacations
Does timeshare make sense?
  Help For Buyers
Get the best buy
Timeshare Calendar
Gold Crown, 5Star
RCI Points
Vacation Timeshare Principals
Help For Sellers
How to succeed in selling
Types Of Listings
Warning about up-front listing fees.
Examining the value of online timeshare classified ads
Advice to sellers of premium class timeshare Marriott , Hilton , Four Seasons , Diamond , Hyatt , Disney, Intrawest etc..
Timeshare rentals
Find a good deal on a timeshare rental, or advertise yours for rent.
Exchanging Timeshare
The Mechanics of Exchanging - RCI & I.I.
Extra Benefits
Exchange Fee Chart
Points Based Timeshare
How it works. Summary about key developers; Fair field, World mark, Marriott, Hilton
In-Depth Information About Premium-Class Resorts
Four Seasons
Club Intrawest
Glossary & Essential Concepts
Glossary of timeshare terms with expanded definitions to help understand timeshare
Helpful links for consumer timeshare information
Learn where to look on the web for various types of timeshare information
The secure process of transferring ownership
About the author
Background behind the book, the author, and the company

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