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Information About Leading Points Based Developers

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Some timeshare developers, instead of selling a one-week increment, sell points that relate to an amount of time that can be spent during a given time of year, in a given resort.

Several large developers described below, sell points that can be used in their own list of resorts.

We are often asked, which points should I buy so that I can use the points in the greatest number of resorts? The answer: by far the largest and most diverse is RCI Points ® which is in a field of it's own because RCI points can be used in ALL 3700 RCI timeshare resorts worldwide, plus airline tickets, Hotels, Cruises, Car Rentals and more. RCI Points ® is very popular because your one annual maintenance fee can get you more than one week of vacation yearly and you no longer have to stay for a full week in one place, you can spend your annual allotment of points just like dollars, to pay for nightly stays wherever you want. It has become a very fun, easy-to-use, and viable travel program. See Scenario of vacationing via RCI Points ®

To buy RCI Points at a very low price, E-mail Us Here - Tell us your name and how many points you want to buy, and we will get right back to you with recommendations and price.

For points developers other than RCI Points® their points are popular for two main reasons:

  1. Points are normally associated with the larger timeshare developers, and unlike traditional timeshare, the points can be used not only in one home resort but in many resorts in the developer's entire system. It's kinda like owning in all the resorts at once.
  2. Points-based timeshares give owners more flexibility as to how the time can be used - a week can be split into several 2 or 3-day increments, for example.

Some point systems are fee simple (deeded forever), and some are not.

Points are sold according to either annual or biennial (every other year) useage.

Annual-use point owners get the same number of points renewed every year, to spend in any of the resorts in that resort system.

Biennial-use points owners can use their points only every other year, typically either on the even-numbered years or the odd-numbered years.

There is Points Grid a for each resort showing how many points is required for a night's stay in a given size of unit, during a given day of the week, during a given time of year.

As would be expected, it expends more points to stay during the peak demand times of the year than in the non-peak times, and it takes more points to stay in a larger unit that it takes to stay in a smaller unit.

In other words you use fewer points for a given stay if you use your points during the lower demand times of the year, and conversely, the same number of points would equate to a shorter stay if you used the points to stay during the peak demand times of the year, such as holidays.

The amount of time that can be used each year depends on the number of points owned, and so does the amount of the annual maintenance fee. The more points owned, the longer the right to stay, and the higher the maintenance fee.

The larger of the points based developers includes RCI Points®, Wyndham Fairfield, WorldMark (Now owned by Wyndham), Disney, Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, and Diamond Resorts.

Marriott and Hilton owners can use their points for various benefits. See separate articles for Marriott Vacation Club and Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Wyndham formerly Fairfield Resorts with more than 450,000 vacation-owning households, is the largest vacation ownership company in the United States, marketing and managing resort properties at 33 locations in 12 states and the Bahamas. Fairfield published that over 625,000 families will visit Fairfield Resorts. Fairfield operates over 32 dedicated sales centers and manages over 110 timeshare and whole ownership resort associations.

Wyndham Fairfield Resorts were mainly concentrated in the eastern USA, but are now expanding all over the world. See locations of Fairfield Resorts, by region.

See in-depth article about Wyndham Fairfield and how the point system works.

See listings and in-depth article on Worldmark ®

Marriott Vacation Club Marriott is an industry leader in luxury vacation timeshare. . The Marriott owner can choose to forego the use of the timeshare by assigning to Marriott teh occupancy rights to the vacation condo, in return for Marriott Rewards points that can be spent like dollars for things OTHER THAN TIMESHARE, such as airline tickets, Marriott Hotels, merchandise, etc. There is a modest charge to convert.

Note that persons who buy their timeshares on the resale market are not allowed by Marriott to opt to participate in the Marriott Rewards® Points program, unless the resale points are purchased from Marriott.
But the accommodations are so exceptional that there is still a strong demand for Marriott resales and rentals, so resale buyers have told us that since they can't give up their week to Marriott (to convert it to points), they simply opt to keep the week, rent it, and use the rental proceeds to compensate for not having points participation option. See listings and in depth article on Marriott Vacation Club.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC Club) points are similar to Marriott points, in that they can be used for benefits other than timeshare accommodations. Hilton has key resorts in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Oahu, Hawaii, plus numerous affiliated resorts

Disney Vacation Club Disney Corporation has been very successful in the world of timeshare development. Offering resorts which are located both within the famous Walt Disney World Resort, as well as other locations, the accommodations are top rate and beautiful.

Diamond resorts formerly Sunterra is a large developer with resorts all over the world.

Vacation Internationale (V.I.) is the oldest points-based developer of timeshare in the USA. Here is a MAP showing resort locations

Bluegreen Resorts (Formerly RDI) is another developer with a nice system of resorts mostly located in the eastern USA, 3 of which are beach resorts in popular Fort Myers, FL

Silverleaf Resorts Based in Dallas, TX, states a membership of more than 86,000 in resorts under Silverleaf management. Resorts are located in TX, MA, MO, GA, NV. Silverleaf's website is: www.silverleafresorts.com

Diamond Resorts, formerly Shell Vacations Club was founded in 1978 and has resorts mostly in the western U.S. and Hawaii, with one in Ontario Canada

Grand Pacific Resorts, with several resorts in Carlsbad, CA, has resorts in Southern and Northern CA

Equivest Resorts , formerly Peppertree Resorts, has 13 resorts located mostly in the southeastern USA (NC, SC, TN) and 1 in Wisconsin, and 1 in Branson, MO. Peppertree/Equivest resorts are now owned by Cendant.

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