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Vacation Timeshare Articles
Authored by Larry Hayden
President of Timeshare Resales Worldwide


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Larry Hayden press release about the evolution of timeshares on the net.

From an Interview at Timeshare Talk



Larry Hayden discusses timeshare issues and answers questions during interview at Timeshare Talk, Europe's largest timeshare forum

Why Timeshare Makes Sense

Does Timeshare Make Sense

Benefits and financial considerations of timeshare

Extensive section about RCI Points RCI Points

Explanation of RCI Points

Comments and frequently asked questions about RCI POINTS

How To Get The Best Buy On Weeks To Use For Exchange Purposes

Timeshare Resales:How To Buy Smart

Key factors to understand in order to avoid overpaying for timeshare resales

Buyer and Seller protections

How To Protect Yourself When Buying or Selling Timeshare

Protect yourself when buying timeshare

RCI and I.I. Timeshare Exchange Company ratings

The Meaning Of Resort Ratings

What terms such as Gold Crown, 5-Star really mean

Explanation of the overall concept of timeshare

Vacation Timeshare Principals

Explains fixed vs. floating, deeded vs right to use and more

Straight talk for serious sellers of timeshare.

How To Succeed In Selling A Timeshare

Realistic expectations when selling your timeshare.

How to estimate asking prices for a timeshare resale.

How To Price A Timeshare Resale

Categorizes various types of ownership and what to expect.

The legalities and consequences of signing various types of real estate listing agreements

Types of Timeshare Listing Agreements

Recommendations what to do and what to avoid in listing your timeshare for sale.

Discusses standards in the timeshare brokerage industry and pitfalls to look out for when selling.

Timeshare Broker Sales Commissions

Guidelines as to what charges to expect from licensed Timeshare Real Estate Brokers

Do Online Timeshare Classified Ads Replace Licensed Timeshare Real Estate Professionals?

Examining The Value Of Timeshare Classified Ads

In depth article discusses all facets of trying to act as your own agent in selling a vacation timeshare.

Factors to consider when choosing a timeshare broker for your luxury class timeshare

Factors To Consider When Selling A Luxury Category Timeshare

Issues pertaining to sellers of high-end luxury brand-name vacation timeshare.

What the terms mean, how exchanging works via RCI and Interval International

Exchanging Your Timeshare Via Exchange Companies

Clarifies common misconceptions, includes exchange company fee chart.

Color codes for seasons of demand

Seasons As Pertains To Vacation Timeshare

Explains what Red,White, Blue and other color codes mean for exchange companies

In-Depth Definitions Of Timeshare Terms

In Depth Timeshare Resales Glossary

A mini-course in all the nuances of timeshare

What is escrow, why use it?

Timeshare Escrow

Benefits and issues relating to the transfer of ownership

Downloadable E-Book. Contains keyword search capability and more.

The Timeshare Answers Guide Copyright 2006 by Larry Hayden

In depth Frequently Asked Questions, Tips, and Valuable Answers to Timeshare Questions

More Choices for Timeshare Exchange Companies and more.

Alternative Exchange Companies in addition to RCI and I.I.

RCI and I.I. may be the largest but a lot of people are choosing alternative companies to perform exchanges.

More Timeshare Articles Copyrighted by Larry Hayden

How To Use Timeshare To Barter Or Use As Gifts

Season Colors Pertaining To Timeshare Exchange

Benefits Of Membership In A Timeshare Exchange Company

Private Residence Clubs - Luxury Fractional Ownership

The Timeshare Developer's First Right of Refusal

Examples Of RCI Point Values

Explanation About Marriott Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Disney Vacation Club

Explanation Of Hyatt Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Hilton Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Worldmark Trendwest Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Diamond Resorts (Formerly Embassy) Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Club Intrawest Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Starwood Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Shell Vacation Club Timeshare Program (Now Wyndham)

Explanation Of Grand Pacific Resorts Timeshare Program

Explanation Of Bluegreen Timeshare Program

A Real Life Scenario Of Using RCI Points

Important Information For Timeshare Buyers

Important Information For Timeshare Sellers

Why S. CA Timeshares Trade So Well

The Special Sand Of Sandestin Florida Beaches!

Honolulu - Hard To Spell, Fun To Visit!

Las Vegas - Tourists And Timeshare, A Natural Combination

RCI Points - The Future Of Vacation Timeshare

Mexico - Timeshare Fits Like A Glove

Timeshare Facts Quick Quiz

Spotlight Resort - The Carlsbad Inn in Carlsbad, CA

Hilton Grand Vacations Club - Going Great Guns!

Who Is RCI?

How To Use RCI For Extra Vacations

What Trading Value Do RCI Points Have?

How To Use RCI Points In A Non-RCIPoints Resort

Can A Timeshare Developer Take Your Private Property?

Timeshare Needs It's Own Set Of Laws

RCI or I.I. - Which Exhange Has The Nicest Resorts

About TUG - Timeshare User's Group

Do RCI Points Owners Have An Advantage In Exchanging Compared to RCI Weeks Owners?

How Does RCI Keep Track Of Resort Quality And Maintenance?

RCI Last Call Vacations

RCI Resort Rating Designations Gold Crown, Silver Crown, Hospitality

Timeshare Fractionals

What Are RCI Points "Partners"?

RCI Points Versus Traditional Week Usage

An Online Resource To Find Activities Near Your Resort (Make plans BEFORE you arrive at your resort)

Determining Your RCI Points Use-Year

RCI Points Eliminates A Major Mystery

Renting RCI Points To Augment An Exchange Request

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